OTR Mountain Biking

OTR Mountain Biking

OTR Mountain Biking

Types of Mountain Bike

Trail bikes

One of the most common mountain bikes because this category of bike isn't specifically for racing. These bikes are fun, efficient and a sensible weight.

Cross-country bikes

This style of bike is for riding quickly and climbing prowess. These bikes are excellent if you want to competitive race or ride down local trails.

Fat bikes

Oversized tyres give these bikes quality traction and can perform great even on sand or snow. These bikes are perfect for beginner riders as the wide tyres reassure the rider even on difficult terrain.

All mountain Bikes

Bikes for mountain riding are designed to perform on steep slopes and also they are always lightweight and nimble which helps when riding uphill.

Mountain bike features

Suspension types

Rigid: Not one of the most common types of mountain bike they don't have suspension.

The benefits are that they are very easy to maintain and are normally not as expensive, however most the time people prefer bikes to have suspension.

Hardtail: On these types of bikes they have a suspension fork in the front to absorb all impact on the front tyre. Hardtails are somewhat less expensive than full suspension bikes and also don't need as much maintenance. When you want the bike to be like a rigid bike you can lock out the front fork.

Full suspension: There are many different types of full suspension bikes but for the most part they have a front fork and rear shock to absorb all impact on the trails. They increase traction and can arguably be the most enjoyable ride out of all mountain bikes.

Mountain bike brakes

Most mountain bike brakes are now disc brakes which are brake pads that grip on a type of brake rotor that is mounted onto the wheel hub.

Advantages: More consistent in braking conditions compared to rim brakes, also much cheaper to replace when broken.

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